New Products

Baxi MBC (Multi Boiler Control)


The Baxi Multiple Boiler Control (MBC) is ideal for multiple boiler system applications. Operates up to 4 boilers and resets the heating system water temperature based on outdoor air temps. The MBC auto-selects how many boilers are needed to maintain the required heating load. Selecting multiple Baxi boilers maximizes your energy savings and provides a backup heating source. This product pairs perfectly with the entire series of Baxi Duo-tec and Luna Duo-tec condensing boilers.  

Baxi uSense Wi-Fi enabled thermostat


 Baxi uSense works with all types of boiler systems or any 2-wire forced air furnace system. It is ideal for upgrading 2-wire traditional-style round thermostats. All that is needed is a Wi-Fi connection in the home. With the free Baxi uSense app available for iOS and Android, users can manage their thermostat remotely and take advantage of cost savings when they are away and set a comfortable temperature for when they arrive home.  

Chicago Faucets Auto Drain Handheld Shower Hose


  The auto drain handheld shower hose automatically drains the water column between the shower valve and the hand-held shower spray after each use.   

Chicago Faucets Auto Drain Shower Valve


 The auto drain shower valve is designed to reduce stagnant water in the valve and pipes. Drains integrated into the valve remove water from the system after each use. 

Chicago Faucets High Arch


   Our High Arc Faucet with Pull-Down Spray delivers commercial durability with easy drop in installation. It is a great, new option for high traffic commercial applications like teacher lounges, office building break rooms, physician offices and kitchens – with sleek, contemporary styling.

Chicago Faucets E-Tronic 80


   The E-Tronic® 80 offers a new, contemporary design option for commercial restroom applications. With above-deck electronics, including models with integrated scald protection**, the E-Tronic 80 eliminates clutter below the deck to enhance the overall design of the room   

Dormont FloPro-MD


 The Dormont FloPro™-MD is a portable 3-in-1 gas flow meter, digital  manometer, and calculator that helps service technicians and installers  perform equipment start-ups, commissioning, and quickly diagnose gas  flow or gas pressure issues to your gas burning equipment. 

Guardian Safety Recessed Lab Units


 Recessed barrier-free eye/face wash and shower safety station with ceiling mounted exposed shower head and drain pan. Stainless steel cover provides attractive appearance and protects unit when not in use. When activated, cover serves as pan to collect waste water and return it into unit for drainage. 

Just Sinks Institutional Handwash Sink with Eyewash


 DA compliant wall mount handwash sink with an AutoFlow™ 100 degree swing down eyewash and sensor faucet. Ideal for in-hospital pharmacies, inpatient treatment centers, institutional, and government facilities. 

Just Sinks Integra Drain


 The Integra Drain system seamlessly welds the drain to the sink. This creates an integral drain in-sink system, without any additional parts or rings.  Providing a cleaner look which is also more hygienic as there is no seam for bacteria to build up in, from debris or waste. 

Oasis UVC-LED Water Treatment


 The OASIS® QUASAR UVC-LED Water Treatment system uses UVC-LEDs to protect people from Legionella and other harmful pathogens. Treating water at the point of dispense, QUASAR uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to generate high levels of UV photons. The rays are directed at viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens within drinking water to render those pathogens harmless in seconds. 

Powers Intellistation JR/SR 1.5" & 2"


The IntelliStation Jr. is the smart mixing valve that keeps you covered and connected. Password protected and configurable on-site, easy to install and does not require factory pre-programming, a laptop, or special software to download for commissioning or when making adjustments to the valve. IntelliStation Jr. controls outlet temperature to +/- 2F of set point in compliance with ASSE 1017. Connectivity to the BAS is standard in both BACnet and Modbus protocols. Temperature setback feature contributes to energy efficiency and savings.

Schier Products Safety Manway


 Accidental Entry Protection System for Buried Tanks. For use with any buried tank with manway up to 20" ID, adapter fits inside 24" ADS pipe. Safety Star is safety yellow for high visibility. 24" bolted composite cover, 16,000 lbs. highway load rating. Two rolls of butyl mastic for sealing. Cover  labels to indicate type of tank (grease interceptor, solids  interceptor, oil separator, septic tank, chemical waste tank, storm  sewer, sanitary sewer)

Schier Products GB-500


 The GB-500 grease interceptor is IAPMO listed to ASME A112.14.3 and CSA B4811 for 100GPM Capacity with a grease storage capacity of  3,048 lbs. It is factory rated up to 500GPM at 1000lbs capacity. Also has a new safety feature called Safety star that prevents accidental falls into the interceptor.   

Sloan Designer Urinal


  High-end commercial restrooms demand an elegance that ordinary fixtures  just can't deliver. That's why we created the Designer Urinal, with its  unique, sleek lines and sophisticated flair. Dependable performance has  never looked better.   

Sloan CX Valve


  The CX Flushometer is a product of over a century’s work to produce the very best in advanced technology for engineers. We took the main concerns an engineer faces — product functionality, size and performance — and provided solutions. The concealed, clean valve and body design is ideal for new construction or as a renovation to most existing plumbing systems.  

Sloan Wall mounted Hand Dryers


  Sloan wall-mounted hand dryers aren't just quieter, they're also more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, proven by Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reports. 
We offer them in a variety of finishes to match any commercial project aesthetic and they pair well with other Sloan products for a complete restroom solution.  

Sloan Special Finishes


Sloan created a range of special finishes for every environment, including graphite, brushed nickel, brushed stainless and polished brass, in addition to our standard polished chrome.  most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Sloan Bluetooth Faucet


 Introducing the new, improved Optima® line — a plumber-friendly powerhouse that reduces the time to install, service and maintain faucets by 50% or more. Sync it with our new smartphone app and you’ve found yourself a simpler way to manage water. 

Sloan Pressure Assist Water Closet


Sloan invented pressurized flushing, and no other brand has sold more pressure-assisted products. With a Flushmate® vessel supplying the pressure and Sloan’s reputation for durability providing peace of mind, you’ll be confident in your toilets’ performance for years to come. 

Watts SentryPlus Alert Technology


 The SentryPlus Alert™ system detects catastrophic discharge from the relief valve of RPZ backflow preventers that can potentially cause flooding due to excessive discharge and/or a blocked/under-sized floor drain. In the event of a detected flood condition, the SentryPlus Alert system will issue a multi-channel (call, text, or email) alert so you can take action.  

Watts Pronto! Adjustable Floor Drain with Integrated Level


 Pronto!™ is the adjustable floor drain with an integrated level  that provides maximum efficiency and accuracy during installation. Uses an integrated bubble level to aid in leveling, are completely assembled, ready to install, and include two pre-packaged shims for tilt correction. 

Watts Selexit Valve Sizing


  Selexit is the first and only online platform that can generate precise, optimal Watts system configurations. All you have to do is choose the product category you want to configure, enter required fields specific to your application, and let Selexit handle the configuration results.  

Watts Leak Detection


  Detecting and preventing leaks in washing machines and water heaters can protect against catastrophic and costly water damage. We have proven products that prevent serious incidents and ensure peace of mind.  

Willoughby Ligature Resistant Lavatory


Fashioned from seamless Aquasurf® solid surface material and type 304 stainless steel for durability, this wall-mounted lavatory is specifically designed to reduce ligature points for behavioral healthcare environments.

Willoughby Infection Control Sink


Designed specifically to minimize splashing and reduce the spread of infectious disease. Water pours down into a sloped ledge before going toward the offset drain which prevents slashing and aerosolizing contents in the trap. Oversized backslpash keeps water contained and flowing toward drain. The coved edges make the one-piece, cast solid surface construction easy to clean.

Willoughby Combi Controller


Take control of inmate water usage. Willoughby’s electronic combi controller can limit the flow time or each lavatory valve and the number of flushes per hour saving maintenance time, water, and money. This stand-alone, non-networked unit is field adjustable–no PC required!

Willoughby Ligature-resistant Floor Drain


The Willoughby LRFD line of Ligature-Resistant Round Floor Drains is provided with a 7 gauge, Type 304 stainless steel ligature-resistant drain cover and utilizes an industry-standard cast iron drain body. The LRFD is designed to provide a solution for in-floor drain applications while maintaining ligature-resistance in security and behavioral environments.

Zoeller 540 FLEX


  Zoeller’s FLEXTM is a high capacity, high efficiency, water-powered backup system.The FLEXTM takes over seamlessly when your primary sump system fails.  

Zoeller 6932 Low Pressure Sewer System


 Replacement Assembly for Progressing Cavity Grinders.  Readily adapts to existing progressing cavity grinder pump systems • Meets UL, CSA, and NSF Pump Standards.

1 HP, 230 volts, 60 Hz, 7.0 FLA

2 HP, 230 volts, 60 Hz, 10.5 FLA