American Water Heater Company

Better For the Wallet, Better For the Environment  
With most homeowners looking to save money on their utility bills, and with environmentally conscious solutions at the top of everyone’s mind, bringing an efficient water heater into a home makes more sense than ever. That’s why American offers a comprehensive line of high efficiency models that are designed to satisfy a wide range of consumers’ needs.
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ECAST® from Chicago Faucets, is the line of durable, high quality brass faucets and fixtures that are designed and manufactured with less than one quarter of one percent (0.25%) total lead content by weighted average. These products are intended for installation in locations where state laws and local codes mandate lead content levels or where lead content is a concern. Read more here. 



Takagi is committed to protecting public health and the enviroment.  In addition to developing a quality line of Tankless products that are energy efficient, our products also help to reduce airborne pollutants and preserve our natural resources. Read more here.
 High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters provides the ideal blend of hight efficiency and easy installation. 

Just Manufacturing's Commitment to GREEN Awareness:  80% Recycled Product Content.

In-plant production as well as inbound Raw materials and Packaging are factored into our GREEN planning recycling efforts.  Read more here.


Rainwater Harvesting
Using existing structures and technologies, rainwater harvesting offers many advantages and has few negative environmental impacts compared to other technologies for water resource development.  Read more here.
A WATTS Water Technology Company

Deliver clean, pure, filtered water around the clock with OASIS Aqua Pointe sports bottle fillers.  Our no-hassle water bottle fillers save time, money and energy.  There are no bottles to store or change, and no plastic bottle waste, making ths the ideal eco-friendly bottle filler. Click here for more information.


 Many of our products already meet the new lead Free standards, with more on the way everyday.  Also, we/ve developed WeAreLeadFree.net, with resources to help you understand this issue and make the change to Lead Free developments and literature to help you evolve with our ever-changing industry.  Read more here.

A Green Mind...
Using water efficiently is more than taking care of the Earth's most precious natural resource.  Water conservation starts with each of us.  Sloan's commitment to the enviroment is demonstrated through our revolutionary designs, an uncompromising commitment to quality and our sustainable manufacturing processes.  Sloan is making real changes to meet the water challenges of the future.  Click here for more.